New Team Member in Cape Town

Insaaf Davids

We are pleased to introduce Insaaf Davids who recently joined the Bowman Gilfillan Real Estate and Conveyancing Department in Cape Town, having been recently admitted as an Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer. Insaaf has many years of experience in the field, having been with the Deeds Office for 12 years prior to joining Bowman Gilfillan and her considerable technical skills, her proven ability with complex registrations and her insight into the Deeds Registry processes and requirements add to the skills offered by the Real Estate and Conveyancing Department.

Insaaf holds a LLB degree from the University of South Africa and a National Diploma in Deeds Registration (Cum Laude) from Technikon SA. She has also completed a post graduate diploma from the School for Legal Practice at the University of Cape Town. She was admitted as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary in 2009.

Insaaf is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional, driven by effective partner and client initiatives, the management thereof and, most importantly, ensuring client satisfaction and success. She is highly proficient in the area of property law with the proven ability to identify client’s individual requirements and offer suitable solutions whilst utilising her excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build beneficial relationships by adopting a confident approach to client negotiation and stakeholder management.

During her twelve year tenure at the Deeds Office, Insaaf progressed from working as a Deeds Controller at the registration division to an examiner, thus gaining indispensable experience before joining the firm in 2008. She has extensive knowledge in the Deeds Registration procedures. She now specialises in property law and conveyancing including sectional title and notarial law.

Insaaf’s resilience is evident in her roles as both mother and career woman. She has a great passion for people and possesses a positive energy which emphasizes her approachable nature. Her philosophy in life is that faith in your cause/product will lead to success and she endeavours to apply this confidence to her work and relationships.

The team of Paul Stelling, Malcolm Black, Bob Bertrand and Ronel Straughan in the Cape Town office, along with a team of skilled an seasoned paralegals continue to provide excellent service to clients in property-related law, including the negotiation and drafting of contracts, the registrations of transfers of ownership of property, mortgage and notarial bonds, township and sectional title development, the internal restructuring of property ownership within groups of companies and the currently topical registration of transfers to private individuals from their property-holding legal entities to take advantage of the tax-exempt window period.

Insaaf can be contacted on +27 21 480 7955 or via e-mail