Municipality Property Rates

Property owners in the City of Cape Town are alerted to a revaluation of all properties for rates purposes in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, No 6 of 2004. Property rates are calculated using the municipal valuation assigned to the property on the general valuations roll. The proposed valuations are been calculated using a computer aided analytical procedure and not site inspections, unless specially earmarked for the purpose, according to the brochure circulated by the City of Cape Town. Many of our clients have found that their properties have been allocated a value well in excess of the current market value. This will result in higher rates and certain service charges being levied against such properties than should have been levied.

Clients can view property valuations on Valuations or at certain public venues.

Property owners are afforded a 60 day period in which to lodge objections to the valuations they believe to be incorrect, and this period commenced on 22 February 2010. (Although the notice indicates that objections lodged before 30 April 2010 will be accepted.) Such objections must be fully substantiated and lodged on the prescribed form which can be downloaded from the above website, and delivered in any one of a number of prescribed methods set out on the website.