salt™ - Online Competition Law Compliance training
Do you believe that you understand how the Competition Act applies to your business?
Are you concerned that your employees' conduct may be infringing the Competition Act?
Did you know that your firm can be penalised 10% of its annual turnover for contravening the Competition Act?
Have you heard about the recent fines imposed by the Competition authorities?
Are you concerned about the reputational damage to your business caused by contravening the Competition Act?

....If so, then salt™ will address your concerns

salt™ is an innovative, award-winning web-based training tool developed by Blake Dawson Technology, a subsidiary of the Australian law firm Blake Dawson, one of Australia's premier law firms and an acknowledged international leader in the use of technology.
In partnership with Blake Dawson, Bowman Gilfillan has customised the content of the training programme to apply to South African competition law and to the extent that clients are interested in the development of modules relating to other areas of law, this is something that will be considered.
Through a series of easy-access training courses, salt™ will ensure that members of any organisation understand how the Competition Act affects their conduct on a day to day basis as well as keep them up-to-date with recent changes in the law - all in one complete, user-friendly package that can be tailored to specific company needs.
The salt™ program includes a testing and monitoring component for management personnel to check compliance by employees and has proven to be particularly cost effective for larger organisations and those where personnel are scattered across disparate locations.

If you believe that salt™ would be of value to your business, or should you wish to arrange for a demonstration, contact Daniela Mariotti (e-mail:, tel: +27 11 669-9446) or Derek Lotter (e-mail:, tel: +27 11 669-9357).